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Vinyl Album Collection for Sale

My bf is selling his vinyl album collection. He'd rather not, but we have to. It's a great collection. We do accept Paypal (or money orders). Here is a list and some photos. If you need more photos, just ask and I will snap some more for you. Please either comment here or on shyone026's LJ if you're interested. Thanks so much! :)

1) History-America's Greatest Hits-lightly scratched, still plays good-$10

2) Slipknot- Mate Feed Kill Repeat-like new-$20

3) The Volunteers-pretty scratched-$4

4) Led Zepplin II-like new-$15

5) Led Zepplin-Self Titled-still in plastic-opened-$15-good condish

6) Stray Cats-Built For Speed-like new-$15

7) Led Zepplin-Houses of the Holy-like new-$15

8) Pink Floyd- Animals-like new-$15

9) Deep Purple-In Rock-scratched-$10

10) Kansas-Leftoverture-lightly scratched-$10

11) Dave Mason-Live-like new-$15 (2 LP set)

12) The Knack-Get The Knack-like new-$10

13)Bachman Turner Overdrive II-like new-$10

14)Slipknot-Self Titled-$15

15) Led Zepplin-Physical Graphetii-2 LP set-a little sctatched-$15

16) The Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour-like new-$15

17) Alice Cooper-Goes To Hell-scratched-$10

18) Uriah Heep-Underworld-like new-$10

19) Reo Speedwagon-Hi Infidelity-lightly scratched-$10

20) Bob Welch-French Kiss-like new-$10

21) The Sports-Don't Throw Stones-scratched-$5

22) Steppenwolf-Greatest Hits-lightly scratched-$10

23) John Cougar Mellencamp-Scarecrow-like new-$10

24) The Rockets-No Ballads-like new-$10

25) John Cougar Mellencamp-American Fool-lightly scratched-$10

26) Aerosmith-Rocks-scratched-$5

27) Aerosmith-Greatest Hits-lightly scratched-$10

28) The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers-like new-$15

29) The Rolling Stones-Hot Rocks-2 vinyl set-like new-$15

30) The Eagles-On the Border-like new-$15

31) The Eagles-Hotel California-lightly scratched-$10

32) Kansas-Audio Visions-like new-$10

33) Golden Earring-Moontan-lightly scratched-$10

34) Kansas-Masque-lightly scratched-$10

35) Kansas-The Point Of Know Return-like new-$15

36) Queen-The Game-like new-$10

37) Queen-News Of the World-like new-$10

38) Styx-The Paradise Theater-like new-$20

39) Styx-The Grand Illusion-like new-$10

40) Rory Gallagher-Photo Finish-like new-$10

41) ZZ Top-Deguello-like new-$10

42) Steve Miller Band-The Joker-like new-$10

43) Cat Stevens-Greatest Hits-like new-$10

44) Foreigner-Double Vision-like new-$10

45) George Thorogood-Live-like new-$10

46) Bruce Springsteen-Live 1975/85 (5 LP Set)-like new-$50

47) The Doors-The Soft Parade-lightly scratched-$10

48) Creedence Clearwater Revival-Greatest Hits-scratched-$5

49) Nirvana-Nevermind-like new-$15

50) Jethro Tull-Greatest Hits-like new-$10

51) Lynyrd Skynyrd-The Best Of-like new-$10

52) ZZ Top-Eliminator-like new-$15

53) Bad Company-Burnin Sky-like new-$15

54) Paul McCartney and the Wings-Band On the Run-lightly scratched-$10

55) The South Greatest Hits Compilation-like new-$15

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