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recordswap's Journal

Record swapping
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Welcome to all vinyl collectors! This is a community for the swapping and trading of vinyl records. We will acommodate all styles of music, including (but not limited to) electronic music, downtempo, hip hop, reggae, jazz, new wave, 80's, goth, funk, soul -- you get the idea.

Ideally this will help you to locate that out of print, hard-to-find wax you've been looking for, as well as to give some of your older plates a good new home.

Just join and post what you've got for trade or what you're looking for!

herbivore is your friendly moderator. Let him know if you need anything.

One very important note of caution: Please do not attempt to conduct selling or buying of records here. All such posts will be deleted by the moderator. I don't know specifically, but I can't imagine livejournal wants journals being used for commercial purposes. If you want to discuss selling or buying, please do it outside of this journal.